Monday, January 24, 2011

Recipe Round-up: CSA box

I get a CSA box delivered every other week via Full Circle Farms.  Several days in advance, they publish the box contents.  I can go online to decide whether to swap out any of the items and start to work on ideas for combining the various veggies into culinary deliciousness.  As I looked over the box contents tonight I realized that it might be fun to ask for your ideas.   Here is what I'll be receiving this week:
Box Contents
Avocados, Organic - 2 each
Red Potatoes, Organic - 1.5 pounds
Zucchini, Organic - 1 pound
Green Onions, Organic - 1 bunch
Red Bell Peppers, Organic - 1 each
Green Cabbage, Organic - 1 each
Romaine Lettuce, Organic - 1 bunch
Collard Greens, Organic - 1 bunch
Minneola Tangelos, Organic - 4 each
Kiwi, Organic - 4 each
D'anjou Pears, Organic - 3 each
Pink Lady Apples, Organic - 3 each

What would these ingredients inspire you to make??


  1. OMG, where do I start?
    Guac... duh.
    Some sort of hash with the taters and peppers.
    You could also stuff the peppers with all sorts of good stuff. Zucchinis are good when they are stuffed, too.
    My mom had a recipe for a green onion (well, scallion) bread that was really good - remember Jerry Miller? She got the recipe from him.
    Fish tacos with the cabbage.
    I'd eat the kiwis as they are, and if it were me, it would be over the sink.
    Mmmmm... collards.... I would say make the pinto beans and cornbread again.
    Pears are lovely when poached or in a galette. I'm not a fan of them raw, as they are SO fickle about being just the right texture.

  2. Collard greens or Ethiopian greens (what are they called?). So into making Ethiopian food right now!

  3. I'm imagining some sort of cabbage salad with green onions and organges...

  4. Fish tacos (made with the Caribbean lime halibut) for some of the cabbage -

    Have a great Asian recipe for collards (with noodles & almond, ginger sauce), but my scanner is dead. Can take a picture of it an email it to you if you like. Just holler. Otherwise, collard green pesto -

    You could then use the pesto and the zucchini to make a yummy pasta dish -

    Would probably do a pear, apple crisp with those last two on the list.

    Trying not to begrudge you for not having turnips in the box. I found them in ours today. Again. They mock me.


  5. @Mama Papaya, do you really hate turnips so much???? I have to say, I highly recommend roasting them - they are delicious. You can also make them into latkes, which are oh so tasty. Our CSA in AZ has some great turnip recipes - I made their most recent one last weekend (two weekends ago?), and I thought it was amazing - posted about it on our blog. When roasted or sauteed, they become sweet - not that kind of dirty flavor that they can have when raw.

  6. I am now getting the same service and am loving it! Thanks for the recommendation!