Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poor little neglected blog

It's been a busy and tiring couple of weeks over here. I recently increased my hours with one of my jobs and I'm still trying to figure out how the make the schedule work. For the last several weeks, I have worked past 1 a.m. nearly every night. Last night I was worked until 2:15. So blogging just hasn't happened.

The good news (aside from the larger paycheck and Veronica Mars marathons I've been enjoying) is that the homemade-goodness has continued despite the added stress and decreased sleep. Here are a few of the yummy offerings from the kitchen in recent days:

Oatmeal pear muffins

Sauteed collard greens with bacon jam

Rustic tart from the bacon fat pie crust, stuffed with tomatoes, onions, and cheese

Cream-braised green cabbage (from Molly Wizenberg's book A Homemade Life)

The first three items were for the most part improvised, something I'm proud to be slowly getting better at. The cabbage was out of this world- something I never thought I'd ever say about cabbage. My picture really doesn't do this dish justice. Just typing about it makes me want to go eat the leftovers ASAP.

Even though I haven't had the time to blog lately, I have been filing away ideas in my brain. Topics to look forward to in the near future: whole wheat tortillas, the oil cleansing method, oatmeal, and where to store all these raw materials.


  1. The collards and the tart are making me hungry, and I am super intrigued by the cabbage - I may have to go out and obtain that book!

  2. bacon fat pie crust is amazing! we made quiche with it over the weekend and i about died!

    i am interested in this bacon jam...what pray tell is this?

  3. @Allison- The book is a good read, in addition to the tasty recipes. Short little chapters which are perfect for those of us with "distractions" around the house.
    @Regina- I'll put bacon jam on the "to blog about" list!

  4. I need to make that cabbage! I love her book (and blog).