Friday, December 31, 2010

Uh-oh (or Things I Didn't Consider)

Now that I'm trying to be more aware of the processed and pre-packaged items in my life I realized just how prevalent they are. And how much planning ahead it's going to take to cut them out.

For example, I have 2 CSA boxes-worth of potatoes that need to be used. So I was going to fix a favorite potato and cheese casserole. Seems simple, right? Homemade casserole, totally within the rules. But what about the ingredients themselves? What about the cream of chicken soup or the breadcrumbs sprinkled on top? I did a little research and both are completely reasonable to make. I just need to get the necessary ingredients and then schedule in the time to make them prior to putting together the casserole.

I love to make big pots of stew during the cold winter months. Not from a can, therefore homemade, right? Um. Sort of. The base is almost always purchased chicken broth. Which, again, I could easily make if I plan ahead.

Mayonnaise. Canned tomatoes. Salad dressing. Flavored creamer for my coffee (I am NOT giving that up!). Foods that come essentially ready-to-eat and that I use without a second thought. The list goes on and on. And that's just the kitchen!

This could get very interesting.....


  1. Congratulations of this worthy undertaking! I am so supportive of your endeavor and commitment! Way to go!


  2. OK, I would not give up the creamer. Perhaps consider a list of "exemptions" and then classify everything else under "I'll do it as I can." I hate mayonnaise, but I might try it if I made it. Oh, and I have a great vinaigrette dressing recipe from Rachael Ray that's super simple and adaptable.
    I know you can do it. I'm really looking forward to stealing ideas from you!

  3. As for making your own chicken broth. I happen to know "someone" who has a freezer full of homemade turkey broth from both the thanksgiving and christmas turkeys. Just remind us to bring some when we come to visit

  4. But if you're going to make cream of (insert whatever here) than- well- why make the caserole? Or make double? and freeze it so you can make the casserole later? Is freezing and reusing a legitimate part of your process? I totally dig this challenge you have set forth and cheer you on! (but I'd totally need an extra freezer- for those... just in case days)